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  • Dale Rouessart

The Proof is in the Pudding... Christmas came early for one of our Clients!

For our Latest Blog we thought we’d share one of our recent accomplishments that resulted through the effective management and metering at one of the properties we manage.

For most of our Clients it is Christmas every month, between the savings on their Utility Bills, Proper Management of their Utilities, and their Tenant’s Utilities so there is no under-recovery, not to mention the time saved by Admin by letting us take care of their accounts for them, they constantly have something to be joyous about. They save lots of money and lots of wasted time that could be used better to do the things that make their Business great, unique and most importantly profitable.

But for one very special Client, Santa came a bit early this year carrying bags of savings that will ensure that 2022 is ended on a very festive note.

The results speak for themselves, we enabled our Client to realise a R10 mil credit for overbilling at one of their Business Parks. In short, they were being overcharged by council by not allocating the peak, off-peak and standard tariff block charges into the correct blocks. Make no mistake... It took months to sort out and have rectified but it got done.

Instead of allocating the hours correctly into the correct usage brackets, as much as possible was just being dumped into the most expensive brackets resulting in a massive overcharging taking place.

Luckily for them, through our Tariff impact Study we saw a benefit in moving them to a Time of Use Tariff, and had it changed for them. With our Smart meters now registering the TOU, we had the evidence on hand to dispute the erroneous charges and have it rectified on their bill. You can do the same for your Commercial Property.

With accurate and proper metering in place, and a team of dedicated Utility Managers like we have at Archon, coupled with the most comprehensive reporting in the market today, being in control of your Utilities is in the palm of your hand. Our Innovative Systems and Comprehensive reporting often reveal things that are going on behind the scenes and sometimes not immediately noticeable by the administrator.

There are many mistakes and errors that we identify and quantify through our audits, and it goes without saying that the Utility Management of your Property is absolutely vital in this current Energy Arena. As Global Energy Prices become ever more expensive, quantifying and accounting for your exact usages becomes one of the most important tools for your Business, to minimise unnecessary expenses and increase you profit almost instantaneously.

The number of Properties we come across that are under recovering from their tenants, being blatantly overcharged by council, or not knowing even knowing what they are being charged for (and if it is correct or not), is astonishing! We always find it funny how the Petty Cash account of R500 is always balanced to the tee, but the Utility Account of substantially more is left unaccounted for.

Archon has the tools to assist your Business be in total control of your Utilities, all the time. Please give us a call today. The possibilities are endless.

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