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Industrial Property

Monitoring equipment, systems and processes, and people gives you insights into usage. Understanding these variables and the relationship between them, makes it possible to identify savings’ opportunities. 


We’re geared to improve the performance of your operation. Our focus on optimal results is holistic. It includes sustainability and environmental impact – monitoring, tracking and working to improve this throughout. 


Our project management and electrical engineering expertise means we can design and implement solutions that reduce energy costs. These savings can then be redirected back to your bottom line.

In addition to our Commercial Property’s offering, we can also offer you:


  • Maintenance and preventative maintenance solutions span electrical distribution drawings; sub-station installation; logbooks; transformer, switchgear, earthing and standby generator tests. We can assist with all legal compliance including certification. 

  • Long-term plan development and implementation means you have a clear line of sight on the return on your investment in energy management projects, their implementation and ultimate effectiveness.

  • Electrical engineering design including power system planning; design and project management for new and existing installations; and preventative maintenance management services for primary electrical distribution equipment systems. We also make sure your electrical installation compliance documents are up to date.

  • Multi-tenant industrial park management covers all sub-metering requirements. We raise utility invoices and issue these directly on your behalf, with all details clearly captured. Estimates for advance invoicing can also be generated as a value-add for tenants to enable long-term planning 


We’re additionally able to assist with Carbon Tax mitigation and credit strategies.


Managing your energy costs is an ongoing process. With South Africa’s Carbon Tax to be implemented soon, cost-effective – sustainable – energy solutions are critical for your business, and as a value-add to your large industrial clients. 

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