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Retail Property

We work as your tenant interface. We help you work together with your tenants to reduce overall operating expenses and identify savings opportunities.


Transparency and accountability are critical success factors in the retail space. This is why we include Archon as the utility management agent in all tenant leases. This unlocks opportunities to create efficiencies – with the first step being studying the collective premises and all utility usage habits.  

We conduct a detailed audit on your operations including electricity, water and gas. We then identify where money is being lost and efficiencies and savings can be created.  

Our integrated retail offering includes: 


  • Fully outsourced utility management where
    we sign a supply agreement with each of your tenants, meaning that we then take full responsibility for your municipal bill and recover these costs from your clients. Tariff impact studies help them to use energy more efficiently and their own online profiles allow them to access all of their real-time utility information to create and/or manage escalations as needed.

  • Integrated utility management includes tenant meter reading and billing export; municipal account audits; and check meter reading. This solution extends to generator management – allowing you to recover operational and maintenance costs from tenants.

  • Automated meter reading and billing
    utility managemen
    t allows for automatic reading of utility meters as part of our future-facing solutions set.


We’re also able to assist you with a detailed technical audit for your site. This means we’re able to develop a scope of works for each tenant with requirements documented.
We can implement any system or equipment upgrades, supporting the hardware, data, hosting and maintenance SLA for your AMR system.



Tenant solutions

If you’re a tenant, we also have very specific solutions geared to help you.


We decipher your monthly utility bill. Understanding your monthly account means you can ensure you’re being billed correctly and for actualconsumption. 


Our starting point is reviewing your account against actual expenditure to identify any discrepancies. We then give you advice on how to resolve any matters with your landlord or can help with this on your behalf. (This includes assisting them to bill you correctly going forward.)


Our offering includes:


  • Integrated management where we work with your managing agent or landlord to implement a utility management system across the property.
    This approach means that we’re then responsible for reading your meters, as well as your electrical and water deposit management; transformer maintenance and testing; meter and breaker maintenance; and insurance.

  • Outsourced utility management takes the hassle out of the entire utility management process – with us taking responsibility for managing and settling your account each month. This ensures your usage is properly audited; your billing is accurate and, critically, that you’re using the most suitable tariff for your operation.


With utilities usually a grudge purchase for tenants, Archon helps you optimise your strategy – giving tenants complete visibility and making for prompter payment. 

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