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If you need help in resolving a Municipal query, issue or complaint, then click the button below to submit a support request


or call us now

0861 ARCHON (0861 272 466)

 or 011 425 3620

If you have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to try resolve an issue with your local municipality, you probably have found the experience less than simple and efficient. In most cases, the experience can be quite frustrating and time consuming with very little feedback or resolve on your issue. Endless followups lead to most people just giving up. 


Archon Consulting provides a fresh professional service specializing in resolving Municipal queries.

Lead by an ex counselor, our team knows exactly how to evaluate your issue and get resolve in the shortest time possible.

If you need help and don't know where to turn, email us at

Typical billing services include:

  • Estimates (where the council have not read the meters physically)​​

  • Opening new accounts

  • Refunds (from transfers and credits on utility accounts)

  • Closing accounts on transfer

  • Tariff Impact Studies (finding the most beneficial tariff for you)

  • Tariff Changes (changing the tariff at the council)

  • Account Audits (check whether the usage is in line with historical trends and benchmarks)

  • Flagging Accounts (geared to postpone "cut-offs")

  • Prescriptions (to ensure that the council applies the correct by-laws and does not over bill)

  • Arranging I.O.U. for payments of outstanding accounts that are unpaid for up to 36 months with council (submitting to council for payment arrangements on outstanding balances)

  • Disconnections of water and light accounts (managing your disconnection notices)

  • Incorrect details on council statements (updating your statement with the correct information or just updating information)

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