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  • Dale Rouessart

Do you want to possibly increase the return on your Property Investment by up to 10% ?

Archon can help you do that with our proven Utility Management Systems in place.

All properties can improve their ROI through effective Utility Management, sometimes as much as 10%. We not talking about taking meter readings, we are talking about a deeper understanding of measurement, improving the energy mix and tenant relationship management.

Here are 3 things you can do right now to improve your property's ROI:

  1. Measure your utility environment properly

It goes without saying that the better you measure, the better your potential of increasing your ROI. This may sound simple, but we are amazed at how many times we see electrical meters not wired correctly, meters that are faulty, leaking water systems, unaccounted common areas and vacant units with leaking toilets or taps. These all contribute to missed opportunities to increase ones ROI.

We start by checking the CT's because if they are incorrectly installed, or the meter is not programmed accordingly, the data will never be correct. With our systems, alarms are set up that notify us as soon as something is a rye so we can attend to it before the bills start piling up. If a unit is vacant we turn off off the breakers and close the water valve so there is no unattended leakages.

  1. Create the ‘right’ energy mix

Matching a properties installed electrical capacity vs tenants electrical requirements is an emerging trend with so many hidden benefits to attract new tenants and improve one’s ROI. Making sure the correct breaker sizes are used according to the tenant's usage, or adjusting the tariff for each individual tenant ensures that you are never under-recovering if they are a high demand user and or if your tenants are working around the clock, perhaps Time of Use will be more beneficial for them and you.

We are constantly performing Tariff Impact Studies for our Landlords, especially when big use tenants move in or move out to ensure that everybody is on the "right" pricing structure that is best suited, and nobody is unfairly billed or underbilled. For high usage production sites this is also important in that we can through the effective management identify any other low hanging fruit where an alternative energy source intervention can take the load off the system and make the system as efficient as possible.

  1. Improve your tenants' understanding of utility billing and problem resolution will make for a happier tenant

Anyone in property management knows the value of a happy tenant. At the end of the day, a happy tenant is like a happy wife, and results in a happy life! As soon as a tenant feels they are being taken advantage of or not looked after, they may start looking elsewhere and may spread some nasty words about the management of the property on social media. This can have an unforeseen social impact on your ROI as you are left with half empty business parks, and not recovering the maximum rental revenue that you should be. At all the properties we manage, we take over the sometimes confrontational enquiries from the tenants on behalf of our Landlords, freeing up their and their Management Team's precious time to concentrate on other things.

We have the data on hand and the knowledge to advise the tenants correctly and in most cases a way to resolve the situation. Our Tenant Statements are the most comprehensive and transparent in the market today, always providing more than the required amount of information, so that that tenant is left with the peace of mind that their bill is correct and that everything is transparent. Sometimes it is as simple as advising them of the cost saving of moving their production out of the peak hours during winter when peak hour electricity is exorbitantly more, or the added benefits of installing a Power Factor Correction Unit to help them not hit those high demand charges.

Above is an example of one of the many sites where we have managed to turn around the site recoveries 360 degrees. You can see the light blue Municipal account initially exceeding the Site's Recovery. From losing money on a monthly basis, after a very short period of time, we turned the site around to be in a position where it is recovering enough to pay for maintenance and upgrades.

Give us chance to look at and manage your beloved property, we will take care of it for as our baby and make it the apple of your eye, and your portfolio.

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