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Are you being over-billed on your Utility Accounts and not sure what the charges mean?

Archon can take all the hassle out of balancing your accounts for you; making sense of all the charges and verifying that you are paying the best possible rate for your business. Whether you want to balance your tenant accounts across multiple sites or would like to know the profitability of a production line, we have a solution for you that will exceed all your expectations of all your Utility Management.

Consider this, you balance your R500 petty cash every month, yet you don’t know what you are being charged for on your R50,000 utility bill, and you have no proof or check of what you have been billed for against what your actual consumption is.

At Archon we regard the Municipal account as incorrect until we can prove that the readings and charges are accurate. We are constantly looking for the best tariff for our Clients and making sure that the billing information is as accurate as possible.

Archon’s management solutions have been designed to help you reduce your utility costs whilst optimising your energy consumption. Our pioneering Utilman ™ software is scalable for when you expand and also works on any municipality account should you operate nationally or globally.

Our Supplier Account Audit is one of the first critical processes we can put in place for you to move you closer to achieving these objectives. It allows us to effectively break down your utility usage – per meter – giving you not only complete oversight, but also a clear picture of your utility reality and benchmarks. The audits are supported by financial reports that match year-on-year comparatives. This means we can not only map efficiencies but also budget accurately for the year ahead.

How do we do it?

When starting a Supplier Account Audit, we effectively focus on:

- Auditing your current Supplier account to ensure it is accurate;

- Rectifying any mistakes by managing this process directly with the Supplier on your behalf;

Throughout the process we leverage two of our most critical assets – our experienced team and our innovative systems.

  1. Your monthly utility account is uploaded onto our platform. Our experienced auditors then go through a thorough auditing process;

  2. Any high-level exception – a variance in consumption and costs – will be captured as an issue by our auditors. If the query is not resolved at time of upload, it will be registered as an “escalation”. As escalations with Suppliers vary in complexity and time, so all Supplier account issues are quoted on separately. Only upon receiving a signed mandate from the Client will Archon pursue Supplier consulting and communications;

  3. All issues will be tracked on an ongoing basis. We will also source all monthly utility accounts from the Supplier;

  4. You will have online access to all of this information throughout the process, so that you can view your utility information or track the progress being made with any ongoing escalation or potential saving;

  5. Reports will be generated automatically and sent out to a predetermined list of your choice ensuring appropriate people within your team are kept informed and updated;


Our Supplier account audit reports are both detailed and comprehensive, giving you complete oversight of your utilities. This is increasingly important worldwide as landlords do not want to under-recover and tenants do not want to be over-billed.

At Archon we take the complexity out of finding the most suitable tariff for you. A tariff Impact Study is where we conduct a study of your technical values against other tariff structures to see what the financial impact is on your account.

A good understanding of your operation, future operational plans and site energy profile is key to making an informed decision.

For further information or to have us do a study of your business, please visit or contact us on +27 (0) 11 425 3620 and we will send a team to assess your business and start saving you money, increasing you profits almost instantly and making your business more efficient. Not to mention the “peace of mind” that you are being billed correctly. Should you receive a nasty bill; having the material proof to question the errors and have them rectified.

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