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  • Dale Rouessart

Alarm Bells are going off... and that is a good thing !

With all the hype around the electricity fiasco in our Country at the moment, we sometimes tend to pay less attention to Electricity's little "Utility Sister" - WATER!

At almost R80 per KL depending on where your business is located, an un-detected water leak could result in a hefty water bill of wasted costs should the water leak go un-detected for a day or two. As you are billed in arrears, in most cases the leak is only detected in the following billing cycle after a substantial amount has been wasted and all the financial damage has already been done.

This is why it is so important to put a logger onto your water meter that measures the flow digitally and relays it back to our servers so that we can know the very instance any irregularity occurs.

You will get notified by email immediately so that we can take action.

Below is an example of the report. We set it up to read every 30 min of the day. We then set it up with an upper limit based on a pre-determined average that we expect to be used in a half an hour period under normal usage, and trended from past usages recorded ( in this case 0.1kl ). Anything over this amount will indicate excessive usage that can be investigated. It can be because of leaking toilet or tap, or a burst pipe. You can see that at 09h30 and 10h00 this occurred and it allows management to investigate the cause. A zero value for 2 or more subsequent periods can also indicate that there needs to further investigation into a possible water leak.

After hours usage / wastage will also be immediately identified and can be acted upon promptly. For example if a usage is recorded after the factory has closed ( in the evening ), the email notification can be sent to the factory manager or owner informing him/ her that there is unusual usage at a certain meter and they can go and turn it off to minimize the wastage until a team is able to get out and see what the problem is. Not having to wait until the next day and be greeted by a flooded factory upon arrival for another day's hard work.

This is just a basic system that works extremely well and is very cost effective, but of course if the budget allows there are many more advanced interfaces that work in conjunction with the electrical systems that can actually turn off machines and valves remotely should they be operating when they shouldn't be for example after hours.

This comes in handy for Office Parks where Tenants might leave the air conditioners on when they leave for the day and if this is done regularly the accumulative wasted costs add up at the end of the month, and then you have an unhappy tenant who has to pay up for their negligence. So why not rather be informed by a notification alerting you that the tenant's air conditioner is still on at 21h00. You can then investigate if the tenant is just perhaps working late before turning it off.

With the increased scarcity of water supply becoming a problem that will just more and more expensive as we move into the future, it is important to monitor and mange these Utilities as accurately and efficiently as possible with as little wastage as possible. These alarms modules also work on your electricity metering if you are not doing it already.

Give us a call and let the Archon Team come and access your needs and customize your Utility Management so it works for you, and not that you are working for it.

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